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Professional Excel Business Solutions

We are Eppert Consulting Limited, the Excel consultant. We provide consulting and development services to markedly increase the efficiency of your business activities.

In order to achieve your objectives, we create bespoke Excel macros, applications and spreadsheets.  Microsoft Excel and Excel VBA programming are the tools we use to achieve this. 

Software Solutions and Services Based on Microsoft Excel

We specialise in developing our solutions based on Excel. Please have a look at our case studies. These give you an idea of what solutions we have developed in the past.

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We provide …

Analysis, Design, Development and Installation of Custom-made Excel Tools and Apps

We design custom made Excel tools from the start. We analyse the clients needs, design, develop and program the tools and applications.

Excel Macro and Add-In Programming

We develop macros and add-ins to automate your repetitive spreadsheet tasks.

Spreadsheet Design

We design new spreadsheets for you or improve your existing spreadsheets to a level which is robust and easy to use.

Database Solutions

We provide database solutions using Microsoft SQL server, Oracle or other databases as the backend for the handling and analysis of large amounts of data in a single user or multi user environment.

Excel Support

We provide Excel support for all business needs be it design of spreadsheet, debugging or developing of specific formulas.

Re-Engineering of existing custom made Excel tools and applications

We provide the re-design and re-programming services, when existing applications are no longer fit for purpose or need to be adapted to new circumstances and technologies.

Excel Interfaces to Existing Business Software 

We provide links and interfaces to existing business software like SAGE or SAP. We can automate imports and exports of data to reduce time consuming manual work.

Excel Front End Solutions and Analysis Tools to Existing Databases

We provide Excel front end tools and solutions to work with databases to provide a familiar user experience.

Software Maintenance of Excel Applications

We provide software maintenance and support services for both our own developments and also third party developments.

No Job Too Big or Too Small

The size of our projects ranges from 1 hour excel debug as a one off for a sole trader to a as much as multi-year project for an international businesses group.

How We Work …

Our work usually starts with an analysis of the client’s needs and a detailed  cost estimate ensues. This quote is free of charge for new clients.

Our services are usually billed at an hourly rate but special arrangements are possible. We sometimes offer special introductory rates to new clients.

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Case Studies

We develop bespoke Excel based applications, tools, add-ins and macros. With the help of our clients we designed all of them with the purpose of improving the efficiency of their businesses.  Here are some examples of solutions we have developed in the past:

While the above is an incomplete list of past Excel VBA programming examples, we are ready to meet new challenges.

Some recent clients.

References are available upon request.


Connecting Excel to SQL Server: Adventures in an Almost Legendary Project

We were hired to convert a large UK accountancy firm’s many interconnected Excel spreadsheets into a robust SQL Server database project. Part of the project included exporting data from Excel to SQL Server. The intricacies of doing this were immense. The London accountancy firm The accountancy firm is a large, respected company based in London. …

4 Ways to Know if an Excel Expert is Really an Expert

To properly define an Excel expert, we must know the meaning of the word expert. ex·​pert (noun): one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject — Merriam Webster “I am a self-proclaimed expert” seems to be the mantra of the modern age. Degrees and doctorates at established universities, coupled with …

How to Create a Forecasting Tool in Excel That Actually Works

Theoretically, Excel contains built-in tools for creating forecasts. Unfortunately, the real world is a little different. No, it’s a lot different. I say this as a professional who has provided Excel services since 1996, and created dozens of forecasting tools–both complex and simple–for a multitude of clients, spanning a wide variety of industries. I am the …