Payroll and Personnel Costs Planning Tool

Our client, the Swiss subsidiary of the leading European paper and packaging distributor, wanted a tool to forecast und budget the payroll and all related costs on a cost center basis.


  • Individually bespoke software application for the budgeting and forecasting of payroll and employee costs
  • Budgets and forecasts per cost centre
  • Type of costs oriented planning
  • Developed in Microsoft Visual Basic (Excel VBA)
  • Based on easy to understand spreadsheet design (Excel VBA)
  • Comparison with prior periods
  • Comparison with prior budgets possible
  • Employee based planning possible
  • Decentralised budgeting (optional)
  • Includes contracts and temporary personnel
  • Budgeting of variable compensations
  • Social costs simulation per employee (optional)
  • May include other employee related costs (travel expenses etc.)
  • Download of salary information from existing payroll system
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Upload in cost centre calculation (e.g. SAP R3) possible
  • Adaptable to individual planning processes
  • A multitude of analyses and reports possible

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