Quotation Tool using Excel VBA

The requirement here was to replace a pre – existing third party programed stand alone application in Visual Basic which was outdated by a tool based on Excel for the efficient establishment of quotes. The client was an mid sized English engineering company.


  • The client asked us to re-design a custom made software application, which they have used to determine sales prices because it has it has become outdated and lacked a few functions.
  • Lookup facility
  • Pricing of buy – in and manufactured products is possible.
  • Per quote we added the option to price multiple drawings.
  • The tool allows alternative pricing of same product depending on quantity
  • We included the selection of the required production process and their costs
  • The tool automatically determines the lowest lowest cost process
  • Developed in Excel (Excel VBA)
  • Using Excel tables as databases.
  • Fax / email facility
  • Includes a Backup facility and is multi user capable.

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