Why Excel?

  • Microsoft’s Excel can be found on an estimated 90% of all business computers.
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a built-in and full-fledged programming language specifically designed to work with all Microsoft Office components (Excel, Word, Access).
  • Excel is a powerful desktop application that you already have. You and your employees are already familiar with it.
  • Excel VBA applications provide an immediate Return on Investment. You do not have to implement or pay for new software or for vendor support; you can usually modify the application yourself.
  • Applications can be developed and implemented quickly and inexpensively, and are easily customised to your particular business requirements.
  • A well designed Excel/VBA application is robust, tamper-proof and user-proof, yet still provide flexibility to quickly change with your needs.
  • VBA can be used to automate repetitive and routine tasks, reducing human errors, and to create user-friendly interfaces.
  • Excel can be used as stand-alone applications containing their own ‘databases’ or can used as a flexible ‘front-end’ reporting tool to quickly analyze information from your existing desktop or mainframe databases.

You would be surprised how much Excel can do.